Partners and Distributership

vannucci plante company growth  owes  much  to the quality  and range of its pot-grown plants that are today a point of reference for plant investment successful.

Pot-grown plants are indispensable to garden centers because they guarantee planting success, are easily  handled  and  can  be  sold  all year round. For the same reasons, pot-grown plants are increasingly popular with landscape gardeners, since they allow them to operate all year round, thus freeing them from the rush to finish planting before the growing season starts nurserymen all over Europe. 


Uniseal  provides  integrated   solutions  in  the  area of  sustainable urban  greenery,  ecological  management , green  engineering   and protection  of  the  building  envelope  against weathering elements, with its extensive family of proprietary products and systems. Uniseal   is   engaged   in  the  design ,  development ,  manufacture, marketing, distribution, sales and installation of eco-labelled green roof, green wall, sub-soil drainage, ecological management, raised floor, composite panels, waterproofing systems to enable a green sustainable environment within the urban landscape.


Platipus  Anchors  designs  and  manufactures  high  quality  ground anchoring solutions that can be used across: retaining walls, slope stabilization, pipelines,  guyed  structures  and  erosion  control  and Landscaping  use  like :  tree   anchoring   and   irrigation   systems, Agricultural   use   and   many   others .  Platypus     have    designed, manufactured and supplied systems to secure, stabilize and irrigate trees on prestigious projects as well  as  thousands  of  smaller  and private sites all over the world.


daniel bell started his works in london and then relocated to the south of sweden in 2007. he had experiment with several outdoor living walls using nordic plants suitable for this varied & harsh climate. he also developed vertical gardens in london in collaboration with patric blance, the modern innovator of the green wall. due to his professional projects,today he is leading figure in green wall area in  england . daniel and his team continues to develop living walls( both indoor and outdoor). they also design and build gardens of all sizas throughout sweden, england and middle east.


Scotscape offers the complete green  solution .  As  multi-disciplinary landscapers and nurturing horticulturalists they offer all landscaping services  for  commercial  and  domestic projects,  living walls,  living wall   maintenance  and  landscape  maintenance.  they  also  develop bespoke smart greening solutions to meet the demand for intelligent urban  greening. Living  Walls  &  Green  Walls  designed,  installed  and maintained by Scotscape for  improved  biodiversity,  air  quality  &  to mitigate  the  urban  heat  island.  They  select the best plants to trap particulate matter (PM) to improve the health of city residents.